Short version

Skye is writing 100 blog posts. Maybe in 100 days. Maybe not. But, she’s starting with this one and hopes you enjoy forthcoming commentary on life, art, food, momming, and miscellany. 

NanoWriMo Manuscipts
My Scrivener collection of Nanowrimo manuscripts.
Longer Version

 I used to write – a lot. I did slam poetry for a time. I started my first novel in 2003. I was a travel writer when we lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina…. But now – all of the writing I do in a year is packed in to the frenzy of National Novel Writing Month – a wackadoo creative adventure which has so many merits and is likely a very good way to produce a decent novel, in the time after November 30th has passed. Maybe. If you’re not me. 

While I do love me some NanoWriMo – it has not been satisfying to burst out 50K words and then slink back to a non-writing existence. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a creative person. So, creation is happening.  However, it’s been art and product and…business. Also cooking and crafting for and with my boy…all of it good and great. But, the writing. I’ve suddenly really missed the writing. 

So – I am writing 100 blog posts. Some will be short. Some will be long. Some will, I’m warning you now, be vegan-y. Some will be about amazing organizations helping people around Arizona. Some will be about momming. Some will be about how danged hard it is to be an artist trying to rub two paintbrushes together to spark up a living. Some will seem like an over-excited commercial to buy my artstuff and designthings – because they will be just that. This acknowledgment will be as close to an apology as you get for that one.

Some will be about people, places, events, or exchanges – real and imagined. Some will just be videos! Some will be sad. No, just kidding, they’ll all probably be happy. Too happy. Really annoyingly happy. (See comment about apology for commercials about my art – that applies to this as well.) Some might be about you. Yes, you. If I know you. Do I know you? 

A blog seems so 2003, doesn’t it? However, 2003 was a pretty awesome year!

Let the blogging begin!!!


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