When I mentioned my upcoming trip to New York City in June of 2017, my former-New-Yorker friend said – “Best place to be vegan!” I was excited. The city did not disappoint. I’ve been wanting to do a “New York Vegan Friendly Restaurants” article since our return. Here are 5 of the spots where we feasted on vegan fare. Some are exclusively vegan while others had some terrific options: 

Totally Vegan Menu in New York City

1. Cinnamon Snail  

While it’s best known as a food truck, we visited their location at The Pennsy food court. I got two vegan donuts – toasted coconut and strawberry. Plus the Beastmode Burger. How can you pass up a burger with a name like that? 

What We Ate: Beastmode Burger Deluxe 

Ancho chili seitan burger grilled in maple hickory bbq sauce with jalapeno mac n cheese, arugula, smoked chili coconut bacon, and chipotle mayo on a grilled pretzel bun.



Beyond Sushi in New York City2. Beyond Sushi

100% plant based sushi and Asian fusion food? Um, yes please! Unbeknownst to us, we were visiting Beyond Sushi’s newest location on W. 37th St. The hardest part of the meal was deciding what the meal would be. 

What We Ate: Assortment of Four Pieces, ‘The Badge’ Dumplings, The Red Miso, and the ” Sunny Side” roll




3. May Kaidee NYC 

Happy to see our friend Clare Trapasso AND be eating vegan Thai food in NYC.

May Kaidee has cooking schools and restaurants all over Thailand, but just one location in New York City. The New York location serves 100% vegan Thai food. This was impressed upon me by the snarky waitress when I asked what on the menu was vegan. “Um, all of it. We’re a vegan restaurant.” Oops! (An aside: My husband enjoyed the bonafide New York snark.)

We were too busy catching up with an old friend, one Ms. Clare Trapasso, to really look over the menu. We were just about to see “The Great Comet” and had limited time to order, talk, and eat. So, we stuck to the basics. All was delicious. I didn’t have the wherewithal to get decent shots of the food – but you kind know what Thai food looks like, right? If you really want images of the food: go here.

What We Ate: Panang Curry, Pad Thai, Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables and Tofu (Pad Pak Ruam To-hu) 



Great Vegan Options on the Menu in New York City

4. Taco Majal 
Taco Mahal in New York City

Taco Mahal in New York City

This was an accidental find when the Indian food place we’d walked to was closed – on a Thursday at noon(?) Luckily right around the corner stood Taco Mahal. I love the tag line this very cute eatery has on its website: “Where ‘East Eats’ meets ‘West Zest’ La Casa meets the Masala’. 

They stuffed some chana masala into a fresh (and vegan) naan and then put diced onions and cilantro on top. It was fresh and delicious!

What We Ate: Chana Masala Taco with a side of papadam chips with cilantro-mint chutney





5. Little Beet 

After so much decadence a cold pressed juice sounded really good. So, after a quick search, we went to Little Beet for the juice but stayed for the healthy food. Little Beet has several locations around New York and one in Washington D.C. Looking at their menu online – I’m very pleased to see that if you click on the ‘vegan’ button, everything that is not vegan is crossed out. I’m not so pleased to say that when I did that the option I picked while in the restaurant (which the register guy said was vegan) is also crossed out :n/ Aside from that, the food was fresh and juice rejuvenating. 

What We Ate:  (apparently not vegan?!) CARDINI SALAD aka healthy Caesar Salad: romaine, kale, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, watermelon radish, avocado & garlic chickpea dressing – Head over here to see the vegan options.



There you have it! 5 Vegan Friendly Restaurants in New York City, New York!