As an aspiring artist – you are always looking for open doors. One never knows what connection or chance meeting might get you a step closer to realizing your artistic dreams and potential. I received an email for Aleksandr Berki in July of 2016 and saw a door swinging wide.

My name is Aleksandr Berki I am the Creative Director of a creative brand based in New York and Scottsdale.  We curate custom art collections for the luxury hotel, commercial and residential market. We recently created the art at the new Camby Hotel in Phoenix, you may know it as the old Ritz-Carlton. The art is getting extensive attention from the public and we have been asked to partner with The Camby alongside Saks 5th Avenue in producing a line of artist collaborated bow ties, The Camby’s logo being the bow tie. We are designing a line called 5C, based on the five C’s of Arizona: copper, citrus, climate, cotton, cattle.

We are working with 5 artist/ designers on this project, Cotton has gone to Michel Muylle, and Citrus has gone to graphic artist Ben Copperwheat,, each designer is given one of the C’s and is to produce a bow tie and a pocket square based on the C. The bow ties and pocket squares will be modeled at a fashion show event called “Tie On One at The Camby” August 28th for “National Bow Tie Day” and will be available for purchase following. 

I’ve been watching your art Skye, I think you’d be perfect for this project. Take a look at the attachment and let’s set up a time to chat.”   

I recall responding to Aleksandr’s email saying “You made my weekend.” He responded, “Yes Darling, That’s what I do… Make people’s lives.”

The votes are still out on that one, but the experience with creating a bow tie was an insightful and productive one – albeit a stressful whirlwind and steep climb up a fashion curve I’d never traversed. There was a day when I knew nothing about bow ties, fashion, or textile design. Then, there was another day, about 2 months later, when I *knew significantly more about those topics, and had 3 silk bow ties and 3 pocket squares in hand.

*(Much if not most of this was due to the amazing Angela Johnson and Sherry Berri at Label Horde, Arizona Fashion Source, and the AZ Apparel Foundation – but they deserve, and will get, their own blog post soonly.)

Appropriately, the bow ties were unveiled on “National Bow Tie Day” in the Camby’s very posh restaurant, the Artizen. The Ferrari Club of America – Desert Region had been invited – so the Camby’s driveway was flanked by nineteen shiny (mostly red!) sports cars on each side.

Aleksandr had put up an amazing display for each of the bow ties.


It’s been several months since that event. After the dust has settled, the Camby Hotel has put the bow ties in an amazing display tucked in a corner just as you enter the lobby of the hotelThis project lead me down a path I’d never gone down otherwise. Since then, I have developed my own custom line of bow ties.

I’ve been given the great honor of being an artist-on-list for Aleksandr Berki. Berki has a bold and sexy style and keen eye for what is hot and modern. You may see my profile here on the Aleksandr Berki website. I’m looking forward to the art we can propagate in the chic landscapes yet to be made fabulous. I’m on the list!Mentioned in this blog post: