Mural Prices and Fees in Arizona

Example Mural Pricing

How much will it cost!? This is, of course, one of the first questions that pop to mind when someone is considering investing in their space. There are many factors that are involved in pricing a mural’s square footage rate. Please see all of the considerations below. For this example, we’re working on a hypothetical project for a children’s bedroom.


Example Mural Project Pricing

  • Children’s Room Mural
  • Parents have a design sketch ready
  • Mural size is 6 ft wide by 8ft high.
  • Detail is minimal to moderate
  • Color scheme is limited to a few colors
  • Fee is $10/square foot

Square Footage Calculator


Free Murals Consultation

Skye does not require a fee for initial consultations inside the service area radius. She will set an appointment to come to the location, take measurements of the space, take lots of pictures, and speak with the client about their vision for the project. Some of the topics you’ll talk about are: environmental factors that may affect the mural, site preparation, color scheme, design ideas, lighting, limitations, timelines, budget, personal preferences, and the many different ideas and interpretations that could apply to the customer’s vision.


Concept Sketch and Mural Estimate

Once back in her studio, Skye will compile all of the notes and measurements that were taken in the initial free mural consultation to create a concept sketch for the project.  She spends time getting the design just right for you, which means she cannot work on other projects.  Depending on the amount of detail you wish determines how much the rendering fee will be. The fee for this sketch is a minimum of $40. The sketch is copyrighted and may not be used unless Skye is hired for the project. However, the fee will go towards to final mural project fee.


Pricing Your Mural Project

Every project is different, so murals are priced per project. Some projects require I high level of detail with specific tools necessary while others are more abstract and figurative or an arrangement of cartoon characters for their kid’s rooms.

In most cases, mural projects are priced per square foot. Skye’s minimum per square foot rate is $5 and can go up to $40 depending on some of the factors discussed below. If a reasonable budget is known upfront, Skye can work within that framework. She can give options in terms of mural size, complexity, and materials to come to a price and project the customer is comfortable with.


Mural Pricing Factors and an Example Project Price

Pricing Factors
  • There is usually a 25% deposit required before the work begins, 25% at the mid-way point, and the balance is due on the day of completion.
  • Murals are generally priced by the square foot and level of detail or complexity requested by the client
  • The cost of materials and labor are included in the final price of the mural.
  • What is the square footage of the area?
  •  If the mural contains lettering, there is a surcharge of $5.00 per linear foot per line of text
  • Pricing does not include travel expenses incurred outside of a 50-mile radius
Mural Preparation Factors
    • Does the client have pictures to help clarify the design: It could save time and money!
    • Does the initial conceptual drawing need a lot of research, study or sketches?
    • What is the quality of the surface?  Is it rough stucco? Does it need surface preparation, patching or extra priming?
    • Is there minute detail involved, etc.?
Mural Size, tools, and Location Factors
  • Is the mural going to be the full-size wall area or just a section?
  • Is the project indoors or outdoors?  An exterior mural that is facing west during June, July or August is very physically taxing and requires more time to complete.
  • What is the location of the area to be painted?  In a stairwell, high ceilings? Ceilings are much harder physically.
  • Does the work need to be done outside of business hours?
  • Is a scaffold or lift needed?
  • Would the mural be painted on canvas and installed?
  • Where is the job site?  Will extensive travel be necessary?

Expectations of the Client

  • If any changes to the initial agreed upon design are desired, they must be communicated at least one week prior to the mural start date. These changes may require an additional charge.
  • Before the mural begins Skye will confirm with the client who will be responsible for the site preparation including moving large objects, wall preparation, and/or foliage removal if necessary. The client is expected to do this preparation before the say the mural begins.

The Mural Process

  • Depending on the type of mural,  Skye may utilize a projector to transfer mural imagery onto the wall. This may require a very early morning start or evening working block.
  • Skye will begin the mural early in the morning and will typically work 7-8 hours in a day.
  • Skye needs as much focus and attention as possible when in the middle of the creative process. Therefore she’ll likely be wearing headphones the entirety of the project. Solitude is necessary to ensure the project is completed on time and with the most attention possible!