Oh – “Harold and Maude” is a Thing?

There is a surprisingly short connection between the science fiction novel I’m working on and the 1998 comedy “There’s Something About Mary” staring Cameron Diaz and Ben Stiller. If you haven’t seen it – you should. It’s a silly, slapstick, goofy-good time (including the credits).  

Have you ever realized what you thought was an obscure gem you’d found in the landscape of culture is in reality a common popular thing – not a secret treasure but a  side-show or theme park? This happened to me while watching “There’s Something About Mary”. My all-time favorite movie was, and is, “Harold and Maude”. The movie was created in 1971 with a beautiful soundtrack by Cat Stephens. It’s about love, age, death, war, activism, identity, parents, children… Well, I could gush on and on. Such an old film and, what I thought, quirky and obscure. Then…

If you haven’t seen “Harold and Maude” – what’s wrong with you?! Just kidding – but really, put that on your list right now. Do it for me. Do it for 1998 Cameron Diaz! 

Happy Death Day

“Harold and Maude” had a profound effect on me. So much so that two of the characters in this novel I’m working on are directly based on the characters from that film. Concepts of aging and death and assisted death and suicide and love were all steeped in the scenes between these two lovers. Mix that with my love of technology and science fiction – and you get Happy Death Day. It’s the novel manuscript and concept I’m most jazzed about. I’ve two chapters of this book that I’m proud of and nothing else. Not yet. 

Camp NanoWrimo


Enter the 1st of July and Camp NanoWrimo – the less pushy twin-sister to the official NanoWrimo (National Novel Writing Month) which occurs in November. With Camp NanoWrimo you can select your own goal as opposed to to given 50,000 words in NanoWrimo. It can even be a time goal which is what I’ll be doing. 50 hours of writing in July. (I’m counting this time right here, by the way.) 

The 50 hours will be writing blog posts like this as well as working on Happy Death Day. I’ve got the Scrivener all fired up. I’ve got a long holiday weekend ahead, and another next weekend. I’m ready! Wish me luck!