The Prismagic Coloring Contest Winners Are…

The Prismagic Coloring Contest Winners Are…

A big THANK YOU to everyone who entered the #prismagiccontest coloring contest!  This one was *so* hard to judge as I loved them all. However, I finally was able to pick a first, second, and third place. Check all the entries below and see the winners at the bottom!

Entry by I really enjoy the curvy black shape embedded in the white on this. The shading and shadow on some of the lighter elements is really well done!

Entry by @lizardqueen79: The black in this combined with the orange, pink, and green tones make it so visually interesting. It reminds me a little of a 1950’s science fiction scene! I like her choices of color.

Entry by @iwo062: I loved the depth the black background gave this one in juxtaposition with the soft pastel colors. The color choices made the image ‘pop’ from the page.

Entry by @kt_fly_me: The very first entry! I was so excited to get this one. I’ve been trying to change up my palettes as an artist and seeing the combination of colors I don’t normally use was so refreshing and interesting. The skill level in the shading was fantastic. The desert tones mixed with lush greens and blues really played well here!

Entry by @lbmacart: This is certainly one of those ‘less is more’ circumstances where the adherence to blue, yellow, and grey mades this take on the design wonderfully abstract and elegant. Beautiful!

Entry by Lori Zabel Petkovic (via Facebook): This one reminds me of a candy machine! I love the colors – it reminds me of being a kid at the circus 🙂 Beautiful shading on the orbs as well. I love the flow of this one.

Entry by @justmemandi: I like the abstract, painterly quality of this one. I’m uncertain if it is just the image taken or the style with which it was colored – but there is a kind of fuzzy glow to it that is appealing and otherworldly.

Entry by @ollie_pomeranian: This one reminds me of a sunrise in the desert or a sunset by the ocean. There is a sparkle to the orange that I really love.

Entry by @wendzze: I absolutely adore the use of aluminum as a background for the design! It really makes the bright colors pop! The soft pastels of the orbs mixed with more solid distinct primary colors are a great way to add depth.








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@lbmacart will get a digital copy of Prismagic Modern Art Coloring Book

@iwo062 will get a digital copy of Prismagic Modern Art Coloring Book


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Pillow Parade: Blues Prismagic #14

Pillow Parade: Blues Prismagic #14

This pillow has a story.

What I love about creating art is that each art piece and art product encapsulates a story. There was a certain timeplace and personspace that occured during the moment of its first creation and then again in its iterations. A perfect example is this pillow: Blues Prismagic #14. 

The positive mantra is also translated for the Tagalog, Spanish, and Dine (Navajo) versions.

First: A Drawing in A SketchBook, then a Coloring Book

Before it was anything – Blues Prismagic #14 was ink in a pen and a blank piece of paper. That transformed into a drawing. That drawing went into the coloring book for adults I’d created: Prismagic Coloring Book For Adults  It was the 14th drawing in the book (hence Blues Prismagic #14) and the positive mantra that went with it was “I breath in calm and breathe out anxiety”. Nice, eh!?

Prints created from the digitally colored image Prismagic #14 in Prismagic Adult Coloring Book.

I liked that design so much, I decided to make a print out of it. I played around with a few different color palettes and ordered them printed on canvas (there was a sale – what can I say?!) (Side note: these prints are now hanging in the very hip halls of F.A.B.R.I.C. – the Fashion and Business Resources Innovation Center – in Tempe, Arizona! )

Here’s one of the most fun parts of this process. Art is not created in a vacuum and no artist is an island. My brother, Zac, saw the print and asked “Hey, could I get a pillow with that design?” And…BOOM…the Blues Prismagic #14 pillow was born. 


There was some research into where I could get the best possible quality of pillows with my design printed on them, and I think I found it. I ordered a sample for myself (also hanging out in a chair at F.A.B.R.I.C) and then sent one to my brother. 

The Pillows Have Arrived!

Now, finally, they are available today! I’ve just put this on my website. I really love all of the pillows – but this one has a special place in my heart. It was the first. 

A few mock-ups of Blues Prismagic #14 – the first decorative throw pillow I’d ever created.


Coloring Contest & Newsletter

Free Coloring Page and Contest – Let the Fun Begin!

Free coloring page and coloring contest

Free coloring page and coloring contest

I’m great at creating. I’m not so great (but getting better) and sharing those creations and bringing people into the fold. One way to do that is to hold a contest! One of my favorite aspects of creating a coloring book is seeing the color palette choices others make when confronted with one of my designs. Some are so far away from what I’d have selected – but work really, really well. This, in turn, makes me a better artist. 

I’ve also sent out a newsletter that mentions the contest plus a few bits and pieces of news. You can see the newsletter here! Better yet, subscribe here! If you do you will get another free coloring page. That’ll make 3 available to you today if you’re counting 🙂

Speaking of counting – I’m counting this as 6th out of my 100 blog post challenge. 

Happy Sunday!