This pillow has a story.

What I love about creating art is that each art piece and art product encapsulates a story. There was a certain timeplace and personspace that occured during the moment of its first creation and then again in its iterations. A perfect example is this pillow: Blues Prismagic #14. 

The positive mantra is also translated for the Tagalog, Spanish, and Dine (Navajo) versions.

First: A Drawing in A SketchBook, then a Coloring Book

Before it was anything – Blues Prismagic #14 was ink in a pen and a blank piece of paper. That transformed into a drawing. That drawing went into the coloring book for adults I’d created: Prismagic Coloring Book For Adults  It was the 14th drawing in the book (hence Blues Prismagic #14) and the positive mantra that went with it was “I breath in calm and breathe out anxiety”. Nice, eh!?

Prints created from the digitally colored image Prismagic #14 in Prismagic Adult Coloring Book.

I liked that design so much, I decided to make a print out of it. I played around with a few different color palettes and ordered them printed on canvas (there was a sale – what can I say?!) (Side note: these prints are now hanging in the very hip halls of F.A.B.R.I.C. – the Fashion and Business Resources Innovation Center – in Tempe, Arizona! )

Here’s one of the most fun parts of this process. Art is not created in a vacuum and no artist is an island. My brother, Zac, saw the print and asked “Hey, could I get a pillow with that design?” And…BOOM…the Blues Prismagic #14 pillow was born. 


There was some research into where I could get the best possible quality of pillows with my design printed on them, and I think I found it. I ordered a sample for myself (also hanging out in a chair at F.A.B.R.I.C) and then sent one to my brother. 

The Pillows Have Arrived!

Now, finally, they are available today! I’ve just put this on my website. I really love all of the pillows – but this one has a special place in my heart. It was the first. 

A few mock-ups of Blues Prismagic #14 – the first decorative throw pillow I’d ever created.