B-Sides-CoverIt has not been very long since I’ve been presenting myself as a real-deal, please-take-me-seriously artist and shorter still since I’ve been living in Arizona. So, it’s always a real pleasure when I can take a chisel and chip away at my relative obscurity here in the super-awesome, local art scene that is Phoenix.

I was one of several artists featured in the August/September 2015 issue of ‘B-Sides Magazine” – a beautifully done zine by the zinelife evangalista – Marna Kay.

Ms. Kay and her partner in zines, Charissa Lucille, opened their very own zine distribution shop at the end of 2015 – Wasted Ink Zine Distro. It’s chock-a-bloc full of DIY mini-magazines that offer poetry, politic, humor, comics, and more.

Inside-BsideIn my section, I speak about my failed attempt at entertaining Penn of the famed “Penn and Teller” duo, my half-hearted junior high declarations of wanting to be a dentist, and what inspires me as an artist.

If you’d like to read mine and the interviews of several other up-and-coming and established artists in Arizona – stop by the Wasted Ink Distro and grab a copy of B-Sides #5! Information below!

Where to find them:

B-Sides Magazine:  Let's Connect! InstagramLet's Connect! TwitterLet's Connect! Facebook

Wasted Ink Distro:  Let's Connect! InstagramLet's Connect! TwitterLet's Connect! Facebook





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