Geometric Fine Art Piece – Tick Tock – At Burning Man in Black Rock City

Every piece of artwork has a story – some are more colorful than others! This geometric fine art piece is titled “Tick Tock” and has traveled from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Burning Man, to a fashion incubator in the heart of Tempe, Arizona. The work is 5ft by 7ft and was completed within a week before the solo exhibition in the Palermo district of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was the last painting I’d created before we were to move back to the US and start our lives as Arizonans.

The title “Tock Tick” was to reference time. In this piece, you’ll see several references to how time is perceived.  The Colors of each season are represented in sections of each piece including the trees in a circle at the bottom. Also, colors of money, from coins to cash, a reference to the phrase “Time is Money”. Also, there are several objects in the piece that are representational of the female body, fertility, and growth – all wrapped up in the passage of time.

Another aspect of this work is its transformation when it visited the Burning Man Festival in 2012. We strapped the painting to our R.V. as to add to the feast of art that is Burning Man. The theme that year was fertility, and this painting had so many aspects regarding fertility, it seems right to put it up. The Playa, as it often does, had its way with this painting! High winds tore it off of the R.V. in the evening and we found it dust-covered on the ground the next day. I wasn’t upset by this in the least. In fact, I really loved the fact that this exhibit in Black Rock City would be imbued in the painting from then on!


While I’m a fine artist who loves bright colors and geometric design, the dulled appearance of this painting really appeals to me. It’s as though the work as ‘lived’ which contributes to its themes of time and life.

Tock-Tick now hangs in a large room at the F.A.B.R.I.C. – The Fashion An Business Resources Innovation Center – in the middle of Tempe, Arizona. This room is being used for many interesting purposes from fashion classes to model dressing room. I’ll catch a glimpse of Tock Tick in selfies taken by models or behind-the-scenes shots during classes. I *love* this.

Another aspect of this work that I’m fond of is that it was one of the first time-lapse videos of a geometric fine art piece that I’ve painted. You can see that video on my YouTube Channel – Courageous Creatives below!

As with almost ALL of my art – “Tock Tick” is for sale. I envision this piece hanging in the house of someone who loves geometric and abstract pop art – but also someone who loves the art of Burning Man. Please contact me for purchasing and shipping information!

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