Kids can be so honest! What did my son think of the book – “UP UP UP“?
I’m so proud of my friend Phoebe Fox – of Mama Fox Books. My son and I read her most recent children’s book “UP UP UP”. Did he like it? See for yourself!

Up Up Up

When Mouse, Frog, Duck, Snake, Dog, Chimp, Seal, Sheep, and Bear are invited to a birthday party on the 10th floor, the elevator seems to be the best way up, up, up.  But is it?  This darling story about perseverance will delight the youngest readers and adults alike!

With it’s appealing square shape and detailed illustrations by Michael Hale, Up Up Up is a must-have for every children’s book collection.

For each copy of this book sold, the publisher, Southwest Human Development, will give one to a child in need!

All copies of this high quality hardback book. Personalized inscriptions are available.

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