Nomophobia Begins – “None More Black”

A few days ago I went to sleep with an iPhone 6 Plus on my bedside table but woke up with a shiny, metal shingle. The screen was black. I tried plugging it in and charging it for an hour. I tried removing and re-adding the sim card. The screen remained black. I thought – “How much more black could this be? And, the answer is none – none more black.”

So began the chorus of realization composed of groans and grunts. Along with this were very mild twinges and tingles of dreaded “Nomophobia”.

I’m both fascinated and frightened by the relationship our society and each individual has with electronic devices.  The most so with my own dependency on that shiny ‘second-soul’ never very far away.

It was less than 72 hours before I had another, newer, version (plus another, newer, payment plan – ugh). During the in-between I could still communicate via my MacBook – which alleviated some of that nomophobia. However, I still felt the un-ease.I use that phone to meditate, cook, exercise, be ‘at’ work (always), coordinate a goodly amount of real-life meetings, and Instagram more than I likely should (but it’s for my business – I justify).  Our phones have become part of us – who we want to be, who we are, and perhaps who we shouldn’t be. 

I struggle to grasp how much of my cell phone usage is making me better, wiser, and healthier versus how much of it is making me less sane, calm, and aware of the world. How much of the time I spend following strangers could be spent actually catching up with people I love?

Side note: I’ve another blog post I’d like to write titled “I have the most amazing friends. We’ve just never met.” – which speaks to the way people are building relationships with those they follow and are followed by (but that’s for another time). 
This dynamic we have with our devices is always on my mind. It crops up in so many of the science fiction plots and stories I’ve been dreaming up and thinking about. It will always be at play in my psyche. Also, I will continue to struggle to ‘put that thing down’ when my loves are near me. Unless…ya know, I’m ‘gramming their picture. 

Lastly (and possibly shamefully?) ~  If I’m enslaved by this digital master called the iPhone 7 Plus – I would like it well adorned. My next choice – – – which phone case?! (I see what she did there.) These are my top 3 picks…

Full Time Sunshine - iPhone 7 Plus Case
Full Time Sunshine – iPhone 7 Plus Case



Yet to Be Realized- iPhone 7 Plus Case
Yet to Be Realized- iPhone 7 Plus Case
Give it a Try!- iPhone 7 Plus Case
Give it a Try!- iPhone 7 Plus Case


































Thank you for reading. 

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