Some call it ‘monkey mind’ but I liken my insomnia to a sweaty polo horse I met in 2010…

Say what? I was originally going to title this post – “Sweaty Horse Insomnia” but decided to tone it down, or class it up(?) Let me explain…

Back in 2010, when Charlie and I were living the Buenos Aires life, we spent our July 4th at a horse ranch just outside of the city. 

It was a beautiful cool day (being in the Southern Hemi and all) and we were with a group of friendly tourists all ready to get our gallop on.  

The instructor and staff paid careful attention to who should get what horse, knowing the temperament of the animals and guessing at temperament of the humans. When I see a group of animals, for some reason my mind ‘Disney-fies’ them – the goof, the proud older steed, the young gentle lass (which was mine). In this Disney depiction of our horse assignments – the instructor had the heroic ex-Polo steed – muscular, black with a white face, long tail. 

The instructor held the reins tightly as he described the difference between a walk, trot, canter, and gallop. While our new equine friends stood calm and still in that grassy green field – the ex-Polo horse was grunting, moving back and fort, whinnying softly, and pulling at the reins. A slick of sweat covered its entire body. 

“He’s not used to the calm out here. He’s used to the polo grounds. He’s ready to play, always.” The instructor explained in his thick Argentine accent. 

When I’m desperate to sleep – hearing the whir of fans above and closing eyes in my best attempt at nodding off – I think of that horse. My insomnia mind is that horse – unaccustomed to the calm, ready for the field, ready to play…always.

The reason I have insomnia, and this is admittedly annoying to those who have anxious insomnia,  is because I am just so damned excited about life. Kind of like the night-before-camp thing that kids have except “camp” is “my life”.  

I ‘gift’ myself insomnia when I start a project I’m too excited about too sleep. It could be a social activism project, a new set of paintings, a chunk of business plan about to be executed… I had insomnia 3 times this week, which is more than normal, not falling off until past 1 or 2am. The reason? This blog. 

There may be zero sets of eyes outside of my own who read this. I. Do. Not. Care. I’ve neglected a piece of my creative personality for a long time and now that it’s getting attention – well, it’s keeping my up at night to make up for lost time. Part of me hopes that this level of jazzed remains so intense that I have insomnia again and again. Then, the realistic 38-year-old in me says – ain’t nobody got time to be exhausted during the day! 

*Bonus Video*

When looking for the photographic evidence of that lovely day in Buenos Aires, Argentina (and that polo horse) – I found videos of Charlie and I galloping on our horses – no hands! I think these were taken with an old camera – so the quality isn’t great. But, it’s fun to see! 

Skye – Look Mom, No hands! from Skye Brannon on Vimeo.

Charlie – Look Mom, no hands! from Skye Brannon on Vimeo.

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