This is the oldest picture I can find with my longest-time friend, Jill Trice. Today is her birthday! June 21st is the longest summer day of the year which is pretty cool for a birthday, too. 

I invited Jill to lunch before we ever even met. I was an intern for Seagate Technology – starting in August on 2001 – and was tasked with setting up a new employee’s computer. One, Jill Keith. I put a little note on her machine: “Welcome to Seagate! Let’s get lunch!” That was the start of what is now my longest friendship – going on 16 years!

She saw me through the divorce of my parents and divorce of my own happening simultaneously right around 9/11 when my life seemed to be crumbling around me. She witnessed all the dating ridiculousness that followed which was blessedly limited. She cheered me when I joined the Peace Corps and threw me an amazing going-away party….I’m realizing now that this post will be way too long (and still incomplete) if I continue. 

Just one other thing – with Jill came an amazing group of people that I’m so happy to call friends. Cameron, Emily, Jason, and all the others (Ferbhergers you know who you are!) Plus – the awesomeness has multiplied with all of our amazing kids. 

Happy Birthday Jill! We love you!!



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