I’m like a little kid when it comes to my birthday. I get so excited about it! Primarily it is because it’s a point of reflection, introspection, and change. I also get excited about New Year’s Eve for the same reasons. 

I keep hearing that social media is vital. Social media is a must have. Social media is terribly important. That’s probably true to an extent, but I’ve lost some steam in that area. I’m an extroverted, exhibitionist, story-telling, ham who tries to create something every single day if I’m able and share my handiwork with whomever will take a glance. So Facebook and Instagram are so inviting to me – and so time consuming – and momentarily gratifying. 

Getting likes and comments assuage that ‘naked emperor’ feeling that I believe most artists battle with all the time. Your friends and family may tell you they love your work, but that doesn’t go so far as when a stranger says it, farther still is when someone actually pulls out some cash money to purchase. Hearts and likes and thumbs up don’t really pay for paint and give just a temporary blip of dopamine, but more than that, take up SO MUCH TIME.

I’ve realized that I’m time poor. I can’t get those glassy-eyed hours back scrolling, scrolling, double-tapping, and scrolling. I also can’t seem to stay away. So, there’s something there. 

I’m jumping the Facebook and Instagram ships for a little while, at least for my main accounts. In the mean time, I’ll post here. I’ll also start to read paper books again. I’ll write. I’ll model good screen-free behavior for my son. I’l text my friends. I’ll write letters. I’ll paint. I’ll cook….


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