Chance the Rapper Sketch & Frank Ocean Artwork by Arizona Artist Alana Christine

“There is so much to like about Arizona Artist Alana Christine. Her skill for realistic portraits and pop art style, call for supporting living artists, and intriguing YouTube channel are but a few things that made me want to learn even more about this dynamic person. As a bonus – the time-lapse artwork of her subjects Frank Ocean and Chance the Rapper are scored by music from none other than her husband, Rob Hittz, who is an impressive artist in his own right. What a dynamo family!


Alana Christine:
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Rob Hittz:


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Artwork installed in my local Phoenix coffee shop – Hava Java!

Artwork installed in my local Phoenix coffee shop – Hava Java!

UPDATE: I’ll be Live Painting at Hava Java on February 7th from 1 to 5pm! See Facebook Event here :

You came for the beverage, but may linger for the art. Local coffee shops that offer its regular customers a rotating art collection always impress me. It takes time to reach out to local artists, curate those that respond, and install and de-install on a regular basis. So, mixing it up for those regulars that come week after week with a new collection of art is extra-special. Double-plus that if the artwork happens to be mine for a few of those rotations!

This is the second time I’ve shown work at my local coffee shop Hava Java. I actually did a feature of the curator who I worked with at that time, Melisa Elias, an artist in her own right. You can see that here.

My first installation was all about BIG pieces, but I wanted to mix the current installation up with a few of my old favorite pieces – a few of which were painted during my time in Buenos Aires – a little while ago now.

Each piece hanging at Hava Java now has a special place in my heart. As with all artwork, each has its own origin story – which is also is in part a story of me and a place and time in my life. Please see the images below!

Southwest Human Development – Little Free Library (Caps for Sale)

Southwest Human Development – Little Free Library (Caps for Sale)

It was love at first site when I read about the mission and work going on at Southwest Human Development. In their efforts to support early childhood development – SWHD is installing Little Free Libraries around Phoenix and beyond. Back in May of 2016 I was part of a kick-off event for my friend (Mama Fox) Phoebe Fox’s children’s book – “UP UP UP” – and this was my first experience with the wonders of the Little Free Library!

When David Reno, Corporate Relations for Southwest Human Development, asked if I could contribute some design to another little free library – I was so excited to help!

Eight different companies had purchased the panels of a little free library. I was going to create a design, they were going to paint it. To tie it back to to children’s literature they voted on different color palettes from famous children’s books. Then, it was all going to come together at a kick-off event for Read On Phoenix featuring mayor Greg Stanton!

There was a lot of excitement and communication among the Care2 Act contributors about the painting of the library. Here are the companies that devoted their time and got their hands paint-covered for this project!

I really love the teamwork that brought the library together – and for such a great cause. I have a feeling this will not be my last blog post about a Southwest Human Development little free library that has a Skye Lucking stamp. (Well, I hope!)

Thanks to Jennifer Witter at Slalom for some of the images below.