As an artist+entrepreneur (artrepreneur!) you have to experiment – both in your visual aesthetics and style but also in your approach to the wide wild world out there. With this in mind – I decided to take the leap and do the Jackalope Arts festival this past weekend. I was sandwiched between the lovely folks who sold ZirYabs Body Brew and Adam Rabbit – who sold really beautiful raw crystal jewelry.

A few things I learned:

  1. Don’t try to put up a giant canvas tent in 40 MPH winds! Just wake up an hour or so earlier the next morning. It will be worth it.
  2. The people in the booths are brave and creative souls – giving it their best (or at least their weekend) so be sure to introduce yourself!
  3. Friends that stop by are the best. Really they are. (So are friends that didn’t – but the ones that do totally get props!)
    Thanks so much! Jeff, Teresa, Dan & Jean, Alex, Carolyn, and my loves – Charlie, Cormac, and Pit.
  4. DRINK WATER! Lest you become festival jerky in that tent!
  5. Bring dog treats. Really. So. Many. Cute. Dogs!
  6. Give a sample/free thing. People really like that and it will make your afternoon way more interesting.
  7. Thank the organizers. They have put months and months of preparation into the event and want it to be a success as much as you do. (Extra special thanks to Sara Vausbinder who helped me when it looked like my tent could go airborne with me in it!)
  8. Experiment with the layout. Is it inviting? Do people want to walk in? (Don’t put a 4×4 card table in the center of the tent!)
  9. Remember you are in a tent for 2 days. Make your self a hidey spot – or at least bring a comfy chair.
  10. If you get word that MEDIA is going to be there – go when/where the MEDIA is! Or, be in your tent when MEDIA comes around. MEDIA won’t chase after you, she’s coy like that.
  11. Look for other connections/opportunities outside of just selling an item. Pass out your cards.
  12. Offer a give-a-way to fellow vendors! I won some soap! I’m stoked to get some of Leena’s Luxurious Soaps, won from a give-a-way!
  13. Art festival food is DELISH. I had some to-die-for Samoa cake from Sweet Thang’s Bakery. Also, a solid salad with vegetable tempura from Indah Sushi’s food truck.
  14. Have fun. Really – life is too short to stress out at an art festival!

If you missed me at the festival – you can check out my Etsy shop. We’ll be updating it soon with all the new artwork created for the festival!

Here is a snippet of video of me setting up!

Jackalope Arts Festival – Phoenix, Arizona, Spring 2016 from Skye Lucking on Vimeo.