Artist Bio

Skye's First Skydive

First Skydive at age 11

Growing up in the rural expanse of Oklahoma, every weekend Skye Lucking looked skyward when she left her house. More often than not, it would be filled with the bright, billowy colors of parachutes floating toward the earth. Those same stretches of fabric would end up in multi-color mounds on the patchwork carpet of her family’s business – a skydiving facility located just south of Norman. When it was her time to skydive, at 11 years old with her father as the tandem instructor, she marveled at the geometric configurations of farmland below, dotted with shining ponds like pennies on a quilt. This imagery may be seen in her work today.

This early exposure to adventure led Skye to live in places such as the island of Samoa, where she served in the Peace Corps. She was ever delighted at the constant display of bright colors and patterns that Samoans regularly wore. It also led her to Buenos Aires, Argentina – where she was able to study under acclaimed Argentine artist, Miguel Angel Giovanetti, who implored her to experiment outside of ink on paper and begin painting on canvas. Now, she resides in Phoenix, Arizona where a modern-day discovery of Frank Lloyd Wright has mixed with her early love of the geometry and symmetry of M.C. Escher – both of which heavily influence her work.

Just as left and right brain work together, the straight lines and perfect circles of Skye’s work mix with the inexact flow and undulation of natural elements.

Artist Statement

The same objects, shapes, and people appear and reappear in our lives – in the chaos of nature and exact structures of man. They are constant but forever formulated in a different composition so as to remain fresh in our perspective. This is the approach to my artwork. I use many of the same themes, objects, and shapes. Yet, I revel in their infinite and sundry arrangements – just as with all things in life.

I work with compasses and straight-edge rulers to achieve perfect lines and circles, then mix in pattern and free-hand drawing to give dimension to the work. Using oils, acrylics, ink, and graphite I try to impart a whimsical spirit into my paintings with subtle allusions to shapes animal, botanical, architectural, human, and machine all in perky and joyful colors. The central goal of my work is to elicit an energized calm, a joyful and whimsical giddiness at the vividness and movement of the work.

Past Shows

2018, Muralist – Phoenix Mural Festival

2018, Artist – 9 the Gallery – Skate Deck

2017, Free Little Library Designer + Painting Volunteer – Southwest Human Development

2017, Artist Vendor – Phoenix Pride

2017, Artist – Nasty Women Unite – Grand Art Haus

2016, Featured Artist – Fashion and Business Resource Information Center (FABRIC)

2016, Featured Artist – Workuity Co-Working Space

2015, Featured Artist – Sutra Soiree – Sutra Studios Yoga, Phoenix, AZ

2015, Group Show – 6 Sides – Firehouse Gallery Phoenix, AZ
2015, Group Show – She Deck – 9 Gallery Phoenix, AZ
2015, Group Show – Raw Artists – Monarch Theater, Phoenix, AZ
2014, Featured Artist – Pita Jungle – Various Locations, Phoenix, AZ
2014, “Color Me Happy!”, Solo Show, @ Central Gallery, Burton Barr Central Library, Phoenix, Arizona
2013, “Pancakes & Booze”, Group Show, Phoenix, Arizona
2012, “TockTick”, Individual Show, Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2012, Estilo Ribera Galleria, San Isidro, Argentina
2011, Movimientos Envolventes, Zorz El Tunel, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2010, Welcome to the Gozmos, Primera Exhibicion Individual, Radio Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2010, La Muestra Colectiva, Radio Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2009, Art for Darfur,Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX, USA
2009, Ultra Violet Rock Show and Art Auction,Club Dada, Dallas, TX, USA
2009, Oak Cliff Art Crawl,Texas Theater, Dallas, TX, USA
2008, Money Talks Art Walks,IAO Gallery, Oklahoma City, OK
2008, Deconstructed, Art Conspiracy,Dallas, Texas, USA