Last year I began painting what would be the first in my Metallic Earth Tones Series. This first one began in September – in Baja California. We’d rented the very beach house that was owned by famed physicist – Richard Feynman! Usually drawn to the brighter, rainbow-inspired palette I was happy to use cooler blues, greens, and touches of maroon. All inspired by the chill vibes the weekend had in abundance. (See the timelapse below!)

So enamored with this color combination, when working with my painting partner (on two images I’d printed on canvas using drawings from “Prismagic Coloring Book for Adults”) I asked she use the same. After over a year – we now have the Metallic Earth Tones Series! There are only three at the moment – but I sense there may be more down the line! 

(Contact me if you’re interested in purchasing a print or original!)

16 x 20″ – Acrylic on Canvas – 2017 More fluid than the other two pieces in the Metallic Earth Tone Series – the original drawing/painting of this piece was done in Baja California in a beach house that used to be owned by Richard Feynman – famed physicist!
As with the others – use of metallic paints for the gold, red, green, and blues make for a shiny/shimmery effect under the light. 


16 x 20″ – Acrylic on Canvas – 2017 Shimmery metallic paint was used for much of the color on this piece. Shiny gold and metallic green make the painting shine beneath the light. (Rosario Collection Piece)

16 x 20″ – Acrylic on Canvas – 2017 Shimmery gold and metallic green gives this piece a shine beneath the light. (Rosario Collection Piece)