Arizona Mural Project Examples

Large Block Wall Mural

Arizona is becoming a mecca of street art and murals. Turning neighborhoods colorful and lively, a mural can turn a drab street into an artistic adventure. In this example of a block wall mural, the customer wanted something eye-catching in artist Peter Max’s bright color scheme.

Garden Wall Mural for a Ying Yang Themed Back Yard

Arizona is full of block walls that need some color. One of the most often requested mural projects is people wanting to add a mural to a block wall. In this example of a cinder block wall mural – Skye created a yin-yang mural for a yin-yang themed backyard.

Stencil Wall Art for An Office Wall

Not only does Skye do murals and window decorations – she also does stencil art projects for offices and homes in Arizona! Skye can help customers pick out the perfect stencil for their space or use a stencil that the customer already has selected for their wall decorations. In this example project, Skye created two stenciled walls using a peacock feather stencil for Arizona co-working office Hera Hub.


Office wall stencil art in Arizona office co-working space Hera Hub.

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